potential use

Perfectly clean gasification lets you generate energy from any waste.

Take a look at a few practical examples.


Municipal waste

We most often use plasma gasification for municipal waste. Large cities as well as small towns produce an enormous amount of waste that is mostly sent to landfills or goes through complicated processing to be used as alternative fuel for conventional incinerators.

However, if municipal waste is properly prepared, it is an energy source comparable to coal and with our plasma gasification technology you can effectively convert it into environmentally-friendly green energy.

This will not only solve your waste storage problems, but will help your town or city district to become energy self-sufficient.


Industrial waste

Companies must pay to dispose of their industrial waste. The more complicated the manufacturing technology, the more expensive waste disposal tends to be.

But with our plasma gasification technology you will transform waste into an excellent source of fuel or raw material. Right at the plant where the waste is created you can generate clean energy that is sent straight back into production.

Instead of paying for expensive disposal, your waste can help you fundamentally cut costs.


Hazardous waste and hospital waste

Hazardous waste and hospital waste are becoming increasingly expensive for waste producers. Environmental regulations are becoming stricter and the processing facilities capable of neutralizing hazardous waste are becoming hopelessly overloaded.

But for plasma gasification, hazardous waste is basically just like any other waste. At a temperature of 5,000°C it doesn’t matter what you burn.

So if you produce hazardous waste, plasma gasification will not only safely and ecologically dispose of your waste, it will help you cut costs.

The only difference compared to standard municipal waste is that you must be more careful when storing the feedstock and more thorough when purifying the synthesis gas.


Sewage sludge

Sewage sludge was previously taken out to fields as fertilizer. Today this is being done less frequently and in the future will be banned entirely. That’s because sludge contains hazardous substances such as hormones, antibiotics and heavy metals. And when used as fertilizer these substances pass right into our food.

Thanks to plasma gasification technology, sludge can easily be used to create synthesis gas, which can then be used as fuel in cogeneration units. Cogeneration units produce more electricity than they use, and they also produce heat that you can use to dry the sludge before it is gasified in the plasma reactor.

So if you are figuring out what to do with the sludge from your sewage treatment plant, plasma gasification is the perfect solution for you. It’s clean, safe, environmentally sound, and makes sludge an asset, not a problem.


Environmental remediation

Since combustion at such high temperatures is perfectly clean, plasma gasification can easily be used for environmental remediation. And you don’t have to build your own reactor to do it. We will supply a mobile gasification unit right on the site where the accident occurred.

The mobile container unit is ideal for cleaning up sites where pesticides or hazardous substances have seeped into the ground. It can handle all waste that is hazardous or impractical to transport elsewhere.

The mobile unit is naturally also useful in cases where waste is generated once and is logistically difficult to transport elsewhere. For example, military missions or exercises.

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